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The original term NIMBY has inspired many spin-off terms, including YIMBY. Here are some we've found, you are welcome to add your finds or suggestions:

  • AHIMBY: Affordable Housing In My Back Yard.
    earliest use found:
    Sharky Laguana‏ @Sharkyl 6:19 PM - 10 Oct 2016
    Replying to @mateosfo
    "Is there such a thing as a MIMBY? Or AHIMBY?"

    Also used by Berkeley city councilmember Kate Harrison on 5 Dec 2017. 
  • AIMBY: Already In My Back Yard: the position that a given land use is already concentrated in some area, and should be distributed to other areas. For example, a concentration of low-income housing or social services facilities.  [contributed via Twitter from an activist in San Jose, California, opposing new Affordable Housing facilities in her neighborhood]. 
  • MIMBY: Mostly In My Backyard. From Leslie Poston, April 30 2018,  
  • NIABY: Not In Anyone's Back Yard:  term to describe opposition to land-uses which should not be allowed anywhere - for example, unregulated industrial polluters.  Note, this is meaning mainly expressed by 'NIMBY' in Jane Anne Morris, Not In My Back Yard: The Handbook (1994), pictured at right. 
  • PIMBY: Please In My Back Yard. (@yimbwiki 13 Oct 2017: seems term arose in Kruibeke Polders proj, Flanders; perhaps from consultancy @Sigmaplan? via @RichardBlyth7).
  • QIMBY - Quality in My Back Yard.  See our article QIMBY for more on this. 
  • VIMBY - Vaporware In My Backyard. "A term for somebody who claims to support housing but only if impossible conditions are met. See also: PHIMBY (public housing in my backyard)." From @MarketUrbanism 13 Aug 2018. 
  • WIMBY - Wall street In My Backyard.
  • YIMBU / YIMBE - Yes In My Buildings that’s Underutilized / Empty.
    Suggested by Tim McCormick, commenting on Commonweal Pod housing.
    • Yes In My Back Yard (primary)
    • Yes In Many Back Yards (original usage, 1988. See YIMBY_movement). 


More from [Stephens 2005]:

  • BANYs Builders Against NIMBYs [Not In My Backyard Activists] [
  • GOAH Gedoudaheah
  • GOOMBA Get out of my business area
  • GUMBY Gaze upon my backyard [Opponents of residential walls and fences]
  • KIIMBY Keep it in my backyard
  • NIMD Not in my district
  • NIMEY Not in my election year
  • NIMFOS Not in my field of sight
  • NIMFYE Not in my front yard either
  • NIMTOO Not in my term of office
  • NITL Not in this lifetime
  • NOPE Not on planet earth
  • NORF No observable redeeming features
  • NOT None of that
  • NOTE Not over there either
  • NUMBY Not under my backyard
  • PIITBY Put it in their backyard
  • QUIMBY Quit urbanizing in my backyard
  • WIIFM What’s in it for me?