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Development costs are all those required to complete a new project such as housing


Land acquisition cost


Entitlement cost






Construction costs

Taxes and fees




Rider Levett Bucknall Ltd. (Phoenix, Arizona, USA). "Rider's Digest 2016."

"A  compendium of USA cost data and related information as well as international cost data. 

Rider Levett Bucknall is an international property and construction consultancy firm with over 120 offices worldwide. The costs stated in this section represent hard construction costs and reflect the standards and specifications normal to that country or region. Variation in costs may be experienced for factors such as site conditions, climatic conditions, standards of specification, market conditions, etc. Costs for associated site development work such as site formation, utilities, paving, parking and landscaping are excluded.

  Figures also exclude furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) with the exception of figures for Hong Kong, China and Singapore, which do include FF&E in hotel costs. 

All project soft costs such as land acquisition, design and engineering fees, entitlements, permitting and financing are excluded. 


[California] Governor’s Budget Summary – 2017-18

Total development costs average $332,000 per unit for the construction of new affordable units