Starting a YIMBY Organization

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This is an article that outlines the steps a person needs to take to start a YIMBY organization for their community. If you have experience starting a YIMBY organization, please contribute your knowledge to this article.

  1. Check to see if there are existing YIMBY orgs in your area. The YIMBY organizations directory is a good place to start.
  2. Start gathering like minded people. Think of friends, neighbors, co-workers, people who testify at council meetings, urbanist groups, transit groups, social media.
  3. Set up some meetings where you discuss shared values and goals and additional meetings.
  4. Pick a name and set up the online infrastructure around it: domain name, social media.
  5. Set up a many to many group
  6. Set up a calendar
  7. Advertise in the comments section of local progressive blogs and on Twitter
  8. Find natural allies, such as cyclists and public transit advocates
  9. Go to meetings